To Seal Or Not To Seal: The Pros and Cons Of Paver Sealing

o Seal Or Not To Seal The Pros And Cons Of Paver Sealing

Pavers make many homeowners happy, and protecting that investment seems logical. Perhaps you’re looking to apply a coating to your patio. Of course, sealing your pavers is a great choice when investing in curb appeal, but is there any downside you are not considering?

If you’re still on the fence, check out the following pros and cons of sealing pavers.

First, not all sealers are created equal

When considering the pros and cons of sealing your pavers, remember you’ll find different types and brands of sealers. The one you pick depends on your needs. For example, do you prioritize protection, shine, or both?

Here are two main types of paver sealers you can choose:

  • Penetrating sealing: This one goes deep into the materials so it doesn’t build up on the surface, maintaining the look of the pavers.
  • Wet look sealing: This coating keeps pavers looking shiny and alters their appearance. Even the color will be slightly different if you choose this sealer.

Pros of sealing your pavers

Sealing your pavers is usually the best choice, especially if you value aesthetics and easier maintenance. It also makes sense from a budget perspective, considering the long run.

These are the main benefits of sealing pavers.

Pro #1. Your patio will look better

The dry look of paving doesn’t look that appealing to some people, and using wet sealing is an excellent way to give the pavers a shiny finish and boost your property’s curb appeal.

Pro #2. Protection for your pavers

Weather will not ruin your patio since the sealer is made to endure natural or human-made accidents. And, of course, if anything does stain the pavers, you can wash them with relative ease.

Pro #3. Better water handling

A good sealer will avoid potential water damage on your pavers. By protecting every pore and crack, whatever water flows will maintain its course.

Cons of sealing pavers

Being on the fence about this process is reasonable because sealing your pavers makes a big change. Of course, it might have a few downsides to consider before making a choice.

Con #1. It’s an expense some want to avoid

Let’s address the obvious downside: sealing your pavers is an investment, which can feel expensive at the moment. However, remember that sealing your pavers can save you money in the long run—like any other investment.

Con #2. Some products are bad for plants

Most products for sealing pavers can be quite toxic for plants, so if you’re concerned about keeping it green, ensure you’re using eco-friendly sealers.

Note: Not all sealing products are bad for the environment. At First Coast SoftWash & Paver Sealing, we apply water-based, eco-friendly products to seal your pavers.

Con #3. Your patio may look different

Having different-looking pavers can be a downside. When choosing the pavers, you might fall in love with the finish and the color, things that low-quality sealers or poor application can alter. If you decide to seal your pavers, pick a product that enhances your property’s looks! 

Still on the fence? We guarantee your satisfaction! 

First Coast SoftWash & Paver Sealing offers quality paver sealing that will enhance your house’s beauty and endure. We’re confident you’ll love our results, and we offer a two-year guarantee so you can rest assured that your pavers will keep looking top-notch.

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